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Solidity 101 (02/08/23)

Week 2 of study group, all about Solidity!
The Genesis study group was a success! We are going to build off of this momentum by going through Solidity 101, the second piece of the Secureum Bootcamp! Find the Solidity 101 material here!


  • + supporting materials at the end of the article
    • We recommend reading the materials in the context for which they are linked, but it is not required

What to do?

  • Study the Solidity 101 Materials (linked above)
  • Take the Solidity 101 Slot quiz
  • Come to the discussion ready with
    • Questions from the materials or quiz
    • Points of interest to discuss with the group'

How we're improving

  • @evmBrahmin is building a quiz for the study group to attempt during the call to test our collective learning
  • Future study groups will be recorded